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  The film "ace agents: agents" in college has a classic lines of "Thesuitisthemoderngentleman sarmour" (the suit is modern gentleman armor) "can be said to be a man, a suit of armor, the moment when you wear a suit, he entered a state of war. In order to have their own fit armor, many people began to choose a custom suit. A lot of men in the custom suit, often at a loss. Today, Beijing suit for everyone to introduce: how to choose according to the size of the custom suit?


  How to choose custom tailored suit?


  High thin men's suit


  Tall men should try to avoid vertical stripes of wood. Try to choose a texture and seem to increase in a bright color. If you don't hate the double breasted jacket, this is a good choice. When custom suits, do not do too tight clothes, pants crotch and trouser mouth can try to open cover special slender figure. You can choose a relatively wide lapels and a little lower roll line, highlighting the shoulder (does not mean wide shoulders) can appear strong, pay attention to the design of the pocket is not inclined to.


  High strong men's suit


  Tall and strong men's suit can choose a dark and vertical stripes suit, will be thin. Button position can be highlighted on the low V figure, focusing on the chest and cover up the abdomen. Choose Beijing suit custom, you can choose a little bit of clothing, but not to be very tight. This can be the best high waisted trousers, waist belt or harness to hold. Recommended choose wide peak lapel (Sword collar), so in the eyes of others walking up and down at the same time will ignore too broad shoulders. Pants do a little loose so that it does not appear too strong upper body. Inclined pocket theory is more appropriate, can also be used to fill the middle of the dark space pocket.


  Short thin men's suit


  Short thin men's suit can be chosen to narrow the collar, and the width of the shoulder in proportion to the single button jacket is more suitable, look higher. The trousers can be tapered and tight. The sleeves of the jacket can be designed to be short, showing the sleeves of a shirt, so that the arms are longer. The shoulder will help to improve the body.


  Men's suit


  Short stature type men's suit is also recommended to choose the dark thin, thin stripes the most appropriate. When the custom suit, the button position is low. Select the collar to keep people's eyes in the vertical position, which can cover the broad shoulders. To sew below pants gently, because you set aside a little space in the legs will be top-heavy. Wear heavy fabrics can have a longer durability, wear no lining Jacket will have better permeability. It's better to have second spare pants.


  Muscle / sports suit for men


  The more muscle type, the more people want to pay special attention to the custom of the clothes, choose some of the darker color better, fine stripes is a good choice, but it is best not to lattice pattern. Should choose durable fabric, also need to be told to be more strong in the tailor stitched. Try to choose smaller pads, or abandon the pads, there is no need to highlight the shoulder muscles. Beijing should try to do custom suit Lapel width, and a horizontal balance. The tilt of the pocket can appear slender body, give up the belt to tighten both sides of the pants can also play the same effect. - generally you need to choose the highest level. Because this figure is the biggest challenge to the tailor.



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